In this module, you will learn:

  • about mixtures
  • the differences between compounds and mixtures

Resources to help you:

  • Textbook: page 64, 65 and 66
  • Notebook: page 29



A mixture consists of two or more substances, elements or compounds, that are not chemically combined.

  1. A mixture can be of two or more types of elements
  2. A mixture of two or more types of compounds
  3. A mixture of two or more elements and compounds

A mixture can be easily separated

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Different types of mixtures

A mixture of elements


Bronze - a metal alloy made of a mixture of copper and tin

Steel - a metal allow made of a mixture of iron and carbon

A mixture of compounds


Sea water - a mixture of water and salt

Milk - a mixture of water, fat, sugar, protein and vitamins

A mixture of elements and compounds


Air - a mixture of nitrogen (element), oxygen (element) and carbon dioxide (compound), water (compound) and noble gases (elements)

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